Frequently Asked Questions2023-08-09T11:21:09-04:00

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you bring our own cleaning supplies/equipment?2023-08-08T12:49:11-04:00

Yes. This insures that the cleaning will be done efficiently and properly because we are familiar with all of our products/equipment. It also benefits the customer because they do not have to worry about keeping products stocked and equipment working properly.

Are you insured/bonded?2023-08-08T12:48:56-04:00

Yes. In the event that something gets broken that is our fault we will pay for it or replace it.

Are you workers independent contractors?2023-08-08T12:48:40-04:00

No. They are employees which mean taxes are deducted and that they are covered under our worker’s compensation insurance.

Will the same cleaning team come each time?2023-08-08T12:48:12-04:00

It will be the same team as long as we are coming on your regularly scheduled day and time. Sometimes schedules change and if a different team needs to come you will be notified in advance. Teams are typically made up one or two people.

Does somebody need to be home?2023-08-08T12:47:56-04:00

No, but of course you are welcome to stay home if you wish. Many customers give us keys or garage codes and some customers hide a key outside for us to use. Keys are secured at our office in a locked cabinet and do not have names on them because we us a number system. We are also experienced with alarm systems.

Will teams come at the same schedule time each cleaning?2023-08-08T12:47:05-04:00

Once you are on the regular schedule we will come on the same day and around the same time. If there is a change in our schedule that affects our arrival time you will be notified in advance.

Aren’t cleaning services only for wealthy people who live in huge houses?2023-08-08T12:46:22-04:00

Absolutely not! The vast majority of our business comes from regular, average size homes.

How do we pay you?2023-08-08T12:45:51-04:00

Payment can be in the form of a check, credit card or cash. This should be left in an envelope labeled “House Cleaning” on the day of your regularly scheduled cleaning.

What cleaning schedules do you have available?2023-08-08T12:45:32-04:00

We service our regular customers on a weekly, biweekly, every 4 weeks and on an as needed schedule. We also do one-time cleanings and move-in/move out cleanings.

How do you train your employees?2023-08-08T12:44:49-04:00

Employees are personally trained by the owners or team leaders and have typically worked side by side with them for at least 3 months. They have knowledge of the products and equipment and are friendly and courteous. Criminal record checks are done on all of our employees. We do not send out employees until we have total confidence in them and their ability to do an excellent job cleaning your house.

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